Frequency of Bus Services

In an endeavour to provide quality customer service information, scheduled frequencies of all services are included in this guide.  The information will help you to estimate the waiting time for buses.Scheduled frequencies are the intervals at which buses leave the interchange or terminal.  The frequencies printed in the guide are the average weekday frequencies for both directions at different times of the day.  As the scheduled frequencies are averaged over periods of time, there may be minor differences from the frequencies printed.

The guide also provides frequencies for Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays which are obviously different to those of the weekdays.While the bus operators make every effort to ensure timely release of buses and adherence of schedules by their drivers, operated frequencies can deviate due to factors beyond their control such as traffic conditions, road works, accidents, bus breakdowns, inclement weather and customer loading.  Although any of these factors will lengthen the waiting time, bus operators must aim at achieving 75% schedule adherence most of the time.

Scheduled frequencies are reviewed constantly and adjustments are made when necessary taking into consideration traffic conditions and customers demand.

NTC                –        National Transport Corporation

UBS                –        United Bus Service

TBS                –        Triolet Bus Service

RHT                –        Rose Hill Transport Co. Ltd

MBT                –        Mauritian Bus Transport

I.O.                   –        Individual Operators

BOCS(N)         –        Bus Owners’ Co-operative Society (North)

PLBOCS         –        Port Louis Bus Owners’ Co-operative Society

BOCS(F)        –        Bus Owners’ Co-operative Society (Flacq)

BOCS(S)        –        Bus Owners’ Co-operative Society (South)

QBBOCS        –        Quatre Bornes Bus Owners’ Co-operative Society

MFBOCS        –        Moka Flacq Bus Owners’ Co-operative Society

EBOCS          –        Eastern Bus Owners’ Co-operative Society

GPSBOCS     –        Grand Port – Savanne Bus Owners’’ Co-operative Society

CPEBOCS     –        Curepipe Bus Owners’’ Co-operative Society

GPFBOCS     –        Grand Port – Flacq Bus Owners’’ Co-operative Society

STHBOCS      –        Southern Bus Owners’ Co-operative Society

OAP                –        Old Age Pensioners