Choice of registration mark for a vehicle?

(1) Running series registration mark for new or second hand imported vehicles

  • You want to choose a specific registration number from the running series.
  • Call at the NTA with your National Identity Card.
  • Fill in the form for reservation of the registration mark.

Pay the reservation fee of Rs 2,000.

Note : You will have to produce the receipt when you are registering your vehicle.

(See application form in Download section)

(2) Old registration mark (i.e. a registration mark issued prior to 10 April 1992) for new or imported or any other vehicle

  • You want to have an old registration mark allocated to your vehicle.
  • You may submit your application online through the service hosted by the Government Online Centre (GOC) provided you are already registered with the GOC.

Follow the instructions on the login screen, select a registration mark of your choice and submit your application. Please note down the tracking number displayed after you submit your form. You will be required to quote the tracking number in case you do not receive any acknowledgement e-mail, in which case you should call at teh NTA within 5 days of the submission of your application.

(3) Transfer of old registration mark from existing vehicle to another vehicle belonging to the same person.

You want to have the old registration mark on your existing vehicle transferred to another vehicle you have purchased or which belongs to you.Call at the NTA with your National Identity Card. You will be requested to fill in a form so as to effect the transfer of registration mark and pay the fee of Rs 3,000 provided that you, as registered owner, have previously paid the fees for the allocation of the old registration mark.In case the registration mark is for a vehicle in your possession, you will have to bring along your registration book for varying the registration mark.