How to obtain an ‘A’ carrier’s licence?

An ‘A’ carrier licence is a licence which enables the owner of a goods vehicle to use that vehicle for the carriage of goods for hire or reward, subject to conditions attached to the licence.Call at the NTA with your National Identity Card, your Birth Certificate and a ‘Certificat de Moralite’ (recent). If the application is to be made on the name of a company, bring along the originals of the deed of company and the certificate of incorporation and a copy of both documents.

(Documents to be produced)

Pay the application fee of Rs 300.If your application is successful, you will be so informed and will be issued with your licence upon payment of Rs 300 or Rs 700 depending on whether you wish to have your licence for a period of one or three years.The licence has to be renewed for further periods for one or three years upon payment of Rs. 300 or Rs 700 respectively.

Note: Only vehicles having Maximum Gross Weight (MGW) of 2500 Kgs and above may be licensed as ‘A’ Carrier.